The most cost-effective way to get rid of waste.

skip bags from sin bin

If you're doing some renovating over time, and don't want to pay a daily rate for a skip, then a skip bag is the answer!

Skip bags come in three sizes - 1, 2 and 3 cubic metres. 

Buy a Skip Bag online. we'll post it to you. Then fill it up in your own time. There's no need to rush as there's no daily rate. When your bin is full, simply call us and we'll come and collect it.


  • Low-cost and convenient
  • Can be delivered by post
  • Keep it as long as you need it 
  • No daily rental costs
  • Just call us to collect it when full


Set up Skip Bag

Place your Skip Bag on your property, preferably no more than 4 metres from the kerb or driveway. Your Skip Bag is not made to be moved. Fill your bag from where it be picked up, and where we can access and lift it.


Fill Correctly

Please keep all heavy materials to the bottom 20cm of the bag only. ie concrete, soil etc. Fill the top of the bag with lighter materials and make sure all waste is inside the bag and not overflowing or sticking-out.


Call for Pick Up!

Call us and we'll come and collect your youSkip Bag! Please note: If the bag is damaged, not loaded correctly or positioned incorrectly, we may be unable to pick it up. Collection fees are not refundable.

Waste that CAN go in a Skip Bag

Household and demolition waste,
concrete, soil, clay, rocks, rubble,
bricks, sand, asphalt,
ceramic & roofing tiles,
garden waste, clothing,
appliances, furniture.

Waste that CANNOT go in a Skip Bag

Liquid waste, liquid paint,
tyres & batteries from vehicles,
poisons, oils, toxic waste,
chemicals, medical waste,
gas bottles,
hazardous waste,


Price includes delivery of bag and collection from North Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle region.


1 Cubic Metre
$ 80

    1 cubic metre

  • Shed/room clear-out, party waste.
  • Max Load 200kgs


2 Cubic Metres
$ 160
  • 2 cubic metres
  • Moving out, small renovations.
  • Max Load 350kgs


3 Cubic Metres
$ 200
  • 3 cubic metres
  • Great for kitchen and bathroom renovations etc.
  • Max Load 500kgs


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